Childs play…


Today is going to be a really bad day….today is going to be the best day ever…which would you choose?
Choice is a perk of mind (creativity). But it is also attached to heart. Heart being the core of emotion can have a great affect on choice. Being mindful of your emotion (heart) and behavior will help you better understand the choices you are making.

Pretending is a way children choose to make creative choices and stick to it like glue. Observe a child playing tea time. If the choice is non threatening and heartfelt the child enters a trance state where the literal or conscious world and the pretend world coexist within the perimeters of a particular choice. Children are the best at pretending because they are able to move fluidly in and out of their circle of pretense. Pretending is like being in a trance state which one can enter and exit at will. Choice may be viewed as a form of pretending with conviction. I will pretend until I pretend no more.

Choice is a powerful gift from the cosmos. How you chose…is entirely up to mind in collaboration with heart!

I’m choosing the greatest day ever.


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