fluid is our nature…



In humans, water represents 95% of the body weight in the first month of life and nearly 60% in adulthood, being a little more in males, a little less in females and in the obese.

Fluidity and viscosity. *Bingham uses the term fluidity to express the opposite of viscosity. A fluid like water yields readily to any force that tends to change its form, whereas a viscous substance shows some resistance to flow.

Some substances flow readily; others resist flow; and some must have weight applied to start flow. When a substance tends to resist a shearing force it may exhibit a flow that is characterized as viscous, turbulent, or plastic.

The nature of an awakened and enlightenment mind requires flow. “Going with the flow”. Because we are comprised of the most fluid substance in nature, we can use our relationship to and the nature of WATER to better understand the dynamic necessary in opening, expanding and releasing our mind to the flow of cosmic awareness and connectedness.

A viscose mind tends to be immovable, but a fluid mind is like the constant movement of a free flowing river.

*the reference to Eugene C. Bingham is from his book Fluidity and Placticity 1930


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