Believing, trusting, connecting…


As a seeker of awakening…in my process I am finding, to better understand the connection between my complex mind and a much greater cosmic mind, there are two dynamics of which I must exercise in ernest, those of believing and trusting. The cosmic mind and the individual mind are one but a commitment to believing in and trusting of the process of awakening is the bridge to enlightenment.

Once a great master entered a village with the intent of healing a local who was beyond traditional help. The master having an understanding of mind asked the seeker “Do you BELIEVE that I can heal you and do you TRUST me”. The seeker replied ” I do master completely”. It was at this point that healing began. The master knew by asking the question and by the seekers willingness to be healed, enabled the seeker to expand the mind and begin the process of self healing.

Opening, expanding, believeing, trusting and connecting are the first steps to bridging the gap between individual and cosmic consciousness.


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