The higly faceted miind…

Pablo Picasso Paintings 121

At first glance survival might be considered the primary function of mind..but when one considers suicide…mind is either a participant or unrepresented…

If nothing mind is highly faceted…consider these examples…rational and irrational mind, creative mind, body mind, spiritual mind, creative mind, random mind, focused mine, creative mind etc. With so may choices, how might one center the mind long enough to experience clarity and understanding.

I decided to experiment with my own mind, so lying in bed I decided to focus on the randomness of my mind. It seemed as though one facet of mind would overtake another depending on the sense of urgency I was attaching to it… questions like…what will my day be like, why am I lying in bed observing my mind, am I warm enough, what should I be doing right now, what is the point of this exercise. Each random thought stimulated a facet of mind. Still, it was interesting to observe that in a relaxed state, with no real physical sense of urgency, all these thoughts and random facets of mind did not linger. However, when I physically got up and began moving about, mind became task oriented, specific and focused limiting the number of facets needed to complete the exercise. Could mind therefore be a primary function of creativity rather than survival? Suicide after all could be considered the last act of ultimate creativity.


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