Cosmic conciousness…the great awakening


These posts will be an ongoing look into the opening of mind, awakening to a fusion of individual and collective human consciousness with cosmic consciousness, in order to bring about the next step in human evolution.

Everything you are and everything you will experience is orchestrated by the cosmos in an attempt to awaken your mind to its own awareness and its true nature.

Life weaves a web of confusing and curious events in an attempt to stimulate the minds curiosity and further initiate
its innate ability to problem solve in a way that would lead to a better understanding of its connection to and a more complete awareness of the cosmos as a living, thinking, conscious intelligence.

Although we subconsciously know our existence is not accidental, we behave through a vail of thoughtlessness, suffering, confusion, pleasure and pain, as though it were by accident and make every effort to ignore it.

The cosmos which has no beginning and no end…is alive and well and is the living YOU!


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