Tibetan book of the dead…The Great Liberation…

the great liberation

Recognize your own mind

Death comes as suddenly as an unpleasant smell born on a summer breeze

Soon we all will die
Our hopes and fears will be irrelevant
On the luminous continuity of existence, which has no origin and which has
Never died, human beings project all the images of life and death, terror and joy
Demons and gods
These images become our complete reality , and we submit without thinking
To their dance
In all the movements of this dance we project our greatest fears on death and
We make every effort to ignore it
Let your grasping mind dissolve
Anything that has a shape will crumble away
Anything in a flock will disband
We are all like bees alone in the world
Buzzing and searching with no place to rest
So we offer this prayer
Delusions are as various as the reflections of the moon on a rippling sea
Beings so easily become caught in a net of confused pain
May I develop compassion boundless as the sky so that all may rest in the clear
Light of their own awareness


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