Puppets dream


Like all puppets, we think we really are human. Hence the puppets dream. Being human. When is was born it was perfect vibration. With the development of time is became earth. However, before then it had no name, no definition. It was perfect vibration pure energy imploding and exploding at perfect frequency. Everything born from it; perfect harmony. No definitions, no judgements, no discord, just perfect continuity. We are the substance of that undefinable essence. Pure energy, transformed without definition. The cosmos is an ever-changing enigma to which we are like marionettes tied to a puppeteer’s strings. No amount of denial, thoughts, words, explanations, or information will detach us from our truth. We are not human,we are comprehensible energy; erratic. And with a need to conceal our ignorance of self from ourselves, a puppets dream was born; human being. Also born were fear, denial, deception and detachment. However, the cosmos is a constant without conscience. It is the master of action and reaction. It does not discern between cosmic and “human” energy. Energy is energy. Releasing mind from the shackles of archaic fear and accepting our true identity will unravel the string of inharmonious consciousness. You are not human. You are a part of something much bigger. What happens here does not originate here. There is no here! There is.

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