gniveileB is not seeing…


I went for a walk today and decided to put into practice the act of knowing no_thing. I sat near the edge of a creek and tried to empty my mind as best I could. I pretended to be newly born. Since I had no knowledge of anything I relied only on my senses, vision being most prominent followed by hearing and physical sensation. In this state I experienced everything as is. People were jogging, walking, paring, talking, while traffic was coming and going, yet nothing had any meaning. I became the total  experience. Undefined. It was very liberating. Without meaning there was no fear. Sitting at the edge of the precipice I realized I could not discern the edge from the ground below, or the rushing water or the air or the sky. I observed and felt the movement of things through the senses. One common thread. Color and sound surprisingly unifying. Everything connected without meaning? I did not observe or experience language.. Written language become a part of the overall meaninglessness of everything. Spoken language; sound or vibration. Color; cohesive. Everything inclusive, unifying, free. Test for yourself the meaninglessness of the meaningful and experience the thread.

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