Never underestimate the power of now

I went to the William S. Hart park today in Santa Clarita…located in the Santa Clarita Valley in southern California. If you climb the hill and look down… just below in the valley lives a small herd of American Bison …not to be confused with Buffalo…the herd was donated to the park in 1962 by Walt Disney. I’m sure it was a noble gesture at the time and with good intentions…well..up the hill I went thinking…oh goodie goodie gum drop..maybe I’ll see the bison today… a testimonial to my subconsciously wallowing in my expectation and or indoctrination..In retrospect my thoughts were of my spiritual perceptions and preoccupations which were frustrating me and how my spiritual choices were a buncha hokum… well… as luck would have it..once I reached the top of the hill…low and behold…there were no bison in sight… certainly not thru the lens of self righteousness limiting my perceptions… So feeling my thoughts immediately validated I began strutting my stuff until I turned my head just slightly left…to the east…and there at the top of the hill…convalescing…was the whole “freaking” herd …and at arms length no less …I had to laugh at my foolishness…Busted…a voice went off in my head saying…oh yah…who dah one now…huh…who dah one now…well I was amused…so I sat for an hour with my family…I thought about the great herds of Bison and Buffalo once roaming the great American west…and how powerful and free they must once have been…felt…still there they were giving me the lazy eye and making the occasional obligatory grunt (this is movie country) in an attempt to display some hint of their former was actually sad.. but a metaphor for Life… my life anyway…so as I contemplated the muse I realized I was right about one thing spiritually…prayer should be about gratitude and affirmation…freeing the mind of want and desire. I thought how trapped those Bison must feel..but they seemed so content and all their needs were seemingly being met…Still I’m confident that if even one of them were to find a weak link in the fence…out they would all go without hesitation…so for now they bide their time…knowing…true freedom is acceptance.. .and how we accept what we have determines how we pray. Want and desire are the prayers of self…(snort)


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