Eagles and Fish

Morning morning morning pages…George Sand once said 300 words a day good or bad so here are a few unpredictable words good or bad…Once upon a time there lived a school of fish who could see from the water a bald eagle…they thought they were the eagle because they had no mirrors so…one day a small fish said…mother is it true we are able to fry…I see my reflection but I don’t feel that I am actually flying. And where said the baby’s mother did you get such a peculiar idea…well, said the fish one day skipping over the pond was a very small person…I asked this small one how it too was able to fly…oh say’s the gnat I have wings…Well then said the fish I too must have wings…don’t be silly you are a fish and fish cant possibly fly…Why do you ask? Well says he, in our school we are told that our reflection soars above the lake…the gnat began laughing uncontrollably…that is not your reflection…above you is an eagle…eagles are birds…they swoop and come very close to the water to make you their meal…meal?…what do you mean?…well said the gnat, they feed on your family just as you have fed on many of mine…oh said the fish you must be mistaken…I would never feed on you…and we would never eat our flying family…well said the gnat…ask you mother then where your food comes from…I will said the fish…and I will ask her if it is true that we are unable to fly? So that is how I came to ask you mother if we are able to fly…the mother horrified by the story took her young child aside and swam to the surface of the lake…see says she, there are many many little creatures flying safely above the lake and there above us IS your reflection so you are safe from harm and the gnat is mistaken…The young fish looked up feeling comforted and remarked “mother I think your reflection is coming…Image

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