Rover a plain grow…(sung to over the rainbow)

Some scare rover a plain grow whey nut cry… dares a band at eye herd glove dunce henna jello pie… some scare rover a plain grow guys argue…sand thug screams hat hue pair glue beam hilly glue kung fu…rum say file swish capon afar hand snake cup air hug crowds jar car remind me…fair bubbles felt hike Yemen  crops…allay a glove dove kimchee flops…fats air yule grind knee…some scare rover a plain bow…glue herds fry…herds fry clover a plain bow sky den no sky chant fry…cliff hacking fiddle glue herds cry pea fond thug plain grow…white oh white camp eye…


Never underestimate the power of now

I went to the William S. Hart park today in Santa Clarita…located in the Santa Clarita Valley in southern California. If you climb the hill and look down… just below in the valley lives a small herd of American Bison …not to be confused with Buffalo…the herd was donated to the park in 1962 by Walt Disney. I’m sure it was a noble gesture at the time and with good intentions…well..up the hill I went thinking…oh goodie goodie gum drop..maybe I’ll see the bison today… a testimonial to my subconsciously wallowing in my expectation and or indoctrination..In retrospect my thoughts were of my spiritual perceptions and preoccupations which were frustrating me and how my spiritual choices were a buncha hokum… well… as luck would have it..once I reached the top of the hill…low and behold…there were no bison in sight… certainly not thru the lens of self righteousness limiting my perceptions… So feeling my thoughts immediately validated I began strutting my stuff until I turned my head just slightly left…to the east…and there at the top of the hill…convalescing…was the whole “freaking” herd …and at arms length no less …I had to laugh at my foolishness…Busted…a voice went off in my head saying…oh yah…who dah one now…huh…who dah one now…well I was amused…so I sat for an hour with my family…I thought about the great herds of Bison and Buffalo once roaming the great American west…and how powerful and free they must once have been…felt…still there they were giving me the lazy eye and making the occasional obligatory grunt (this is movie country) in an attempt to display some hint of their former was actually sad.. but a metaphor for Life… my life anyway…so as I contemplated the muse I realized I was right about one thing spiritually…prayer should be about gratitude and affirmation…freeing the mind of want and desire. I thought how trapped those Bison must feel..but they seemed so content and all their needs were seemingly being met…Still I’m confident that if even one of them were to find a weak link in the fence…out they would all go without hesitation…so for now they bide their time…knowing…true freedom is acceptance.. .and how we accept what we have determines how we pray. Want and desire are the prayers of self…(snort)

Surfer Boodh


Imagine Buddha as a surfer dude you ran into catching a wave who said to you…beware the mind bro…it’s your salvation and your worst enemy…whoa Super Boodh, why?…because humans are always running from something surfer dude… tigers in particular… and unless you’re Sigfried and Roy…the only tigers chasing anyone these days are paper tigers…and don’t let me get started on fear…doodler it’s the mind which keeps us bound to fear and survival…now I don’t want to give the impression that life is all bad…what with all that surviving..running…fearing…there is after all…the occasional purple peep for Easter…still…control of mind is control of fear…and without discipline…ain’t nobody controlling nut’n…control of mind requires desire and a willingness to change…Consciousness is the next level in evolution… and since growing another tail is out of the question…best to look to developing a disciplined mind…so live free and die hard surfer dude…and free yourself of an ever demanding, controlling mind…awesome…

Eagles and Fish

Morning morning morning pages…George Sand once said 300 words a day good or bad so here are a few unpredictable words good or bad…Once upon a time there lived a school of fish who could see from the water a bald eagle…they thought they were the eagle because they had no mirrors so…one day a small fish said…mother is it true we are able to fry…I see my reflection but I don’t feel that I am actually flying. And where said the baby’s mother did you get such a peculiar idea…well, said the fish one day skipping over the pond was a very small person…I asked this small one how it too was able to fly…oh say’s the gnat I have wings…Well then said the fish I too must have wings…don’t be silly you are a fish and fish cant possibly fly…Why do you ask? Well says he, in our school we are told that our reflection soars above the lake…the gnat began laughing uncontrollably…that is not your reflection…above you is an eagle…eagles are birds…they swoop and come very close to the water to make you their meal…meal?…what do you mean?…well said the gnat, they feed on your family just as you have fed on many of mine…oh said the fish you must be mistaken…I would never feed on you…and we would never eat our flying family…well said the gnat…ask you mother then where your food comes from…I will said the fish…and I will ask her if it is true that we are unable to fly? So that is how I came to ask you mother if we are able to fly…the mother horrified by the story took her young child aside and swam to the surface of the lake…see says she, there are many many little creatures flying safely above the lake and there above us IS your reflection so you are safe from harm and the gnat is mistaken…The young fish looked up feeling comforted and remarked “mother I think your reflection is coming…Image



Mexican man …Buenos Dias senior

American man…um…excuse me

Mexican man…Hablas espanol?

American…oh uh sorry…no I dont speak french

Mexican man…”Ah, ya entiendo”.

American…Always wanted to go to Paris France tho…

Mexican man…Que?

(both men shrug and walk away)

American man…whats up man?

German man…Ich spreche kein Englisch

American…What is that language man…Dutch or somethin?

(both men look at each other and walk away)

French woman…Bonjour madame..

American woman…umm…what sorry…

French woman…parlez vous francais madame?

American woman…oh sorry I don’t speak Spanish

(both women shrug and walk away)

British man…Hey mate can you tell me where to find a pub?

American man…Sorry dude I don’t speak English

Deaf American…(signing)

Deaf Japanese..(signing)

(both men shrug and walk away)

Dog Barks…


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually who are you not to be? You are a child of God. You’re playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We are born to make manifest, the glory of god that is within us. It’s not just within some of us, its within everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. Marianne Williamson

Find the peace that lives within you…life’s unhealthy dramas are constructs of unsettled minds…peace and joy are not only liberating but your birth right. Seeking peace is not just new age, cliché, it is a viable and very real choice for a better world. Personal harmony is the gateway to human evolution.

De-frag now!


Consider how subconscious anger fuels the fires of oppression..Oppression is “Hells fire” where emotions are enslaved and held in purgatory. Keepers of the torch maintain their wealth by fueling eternal flames of inequality and duping common folk  into believing oppression does not exist, it is over rated,unspeakable, or at least amusing.. Its after effects are reaching viral proportion…Corporations represent the “House of Hades” where cauldrons of anger are kindled with entitlement and privilege. Ever increasing  feelings of inequality and suppression among the less fortunate stoke their feelings of anger and anxiety. Anger is a 21st century virus and can be treated thru awareness. Finding a practice of internal balance and peace douses the flame and eradicates the disease.