Corporate white wash and slavery

Enslaving a society, country, world where people work to merely survive.. is not only wrong…it is immoral…(see end of the holy roman empire). The rich are generally blinded by their own greed and end up as fodder and carrion for the disenfranchised. Excessively high food costs, housing and fuel prices split the economic balance of individuals resulting in  increased conflict, competition, violent crime with the ultimate collapse of civilization. (see french revolution) Fuel costs alone is enslaving the U.S. Getting to work by car is a major economic drain considering the sprawl of American cities. Alternative solutions can be equally as debilitating economically when considering the ever increasing  inconvenience, inefficiency and costs of public transportation. Constant increases in food prices creates an under nourished and unhealthy population. The gap between the have’s and the have nots is increasing daily. Disenchantment and anxiety are on the rise…with an increase in drug use and alcoholism. Pharmaceutical companies are increasing their production and output of over the counter remedies while illegal drugs such as canabis flood the market and anesthetize the population. Education or the lack there of plays a major role in the application of who has and who has not. Increases in school closures and cuts in government funding for school programs encourage people to get jobs (any job) just to survive and make ends meet. Thus an decrease in diversity and an increase in mainstreaming. Mainstreaming through advertising and the illusory of technology hypnotize the masses to dehumanization and increased spending through the misuse of credit cards. Increased purchases by credit card promise incentives but result in added risks. Paying higher and higher interest rates is adding another element of suffering and anxiety leading to greater enslavement. Irresponsible credit spending is leading to economic destruction. Technology in particular is adding to the immobilization and dehumanization of Americans… The ipad, iphone, ipod epidemic is a literal metaphor for I, I, I, me,me,me…leading to further feelings of personal isolation, mistrust, and fear. Technology=”de-communication”. Global white washing thru corporations means an end to cultural diversity…I have seen this phenomenon in San Francisco’s Mission District whose ethnic color is pallor. Enslavement by corporations and government bind the masses to their suffering while creating the illusion that everything is ok. Still more and more Americans speak only of survival with time for little else. CEO’s, heads of corporations, government officials high in the economic ranks are getting fat while the masses starve. The inner workings of the economic monster have become not only complex but nightmarish..The gears of the mega-machine are cut from an uneducated population weened on emotional dysfunction, greed, and want. Hold on were in for a bummpier ride…Hollywood fuels the fire by dissing art and increasing its outlay of “trash” distracting the masses and guiding its goat. The military is over rot and underpaid. Depravity is rampant and shielded through old boy networks, secrecy, and fear.

Returning to a simpler life is no longer cliche. Accepting personal responsibility, educating ones self and family, making healthy and alternative choices is liberating. Often making the right choice can be difficult even frighting but an individual unique choice can break the chains of slavery and bring the corporate machine to a sure and complete stop.


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