No really!

In my search for internal and external peace the one piece of advice I dare share with anyone is… NEVER take ANYTHING PERSONALLY! yes really…he or she who behaveth like animal must behaveth alone…or something theatrical like that…there was a time I took everything personally…late buses, rude store clerks, panhandlers, loud commercials, a look, a laugh, a sigh, ug…now I’m overish that… I dont want anyone to think this was an easy task however…I am in my own right a drama (dare I say) queen…but It comes down to…how is your ego serving you…unless someone is coming at you with a weapon of mass distruction…Its pretty safe to say…he or she owns the problem…so one can just nod and smile or take a walk, or get yet another glass of water, etc…another’s  bad behavior has really nothing to do with you me or the price of eggs…sooo… just sit back and enjoy the fireworks…you’ll feel a lot better….oo…ah….ooo…ah


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