Renewable energy/sustainability

Some things are too good to be true…but true things are somethings good…coming down from a mountain top can be dizzying…but as one loses altitude and can see the sweet green grass of home, clarity replaces fuzziness and it is a slow walk home…this weekend I’m having an art opening…after many many years of doing art..visual art…I am finally having an opening  which holds significance for me…the means is justifying the ends…the outcome is about renewing my energy and sustaining my fortitude…I’m basically a left brained person…and and artist…those two things are basically contradictions in terms…certainly a challenge in my life…now that I am thinking less and doing more…I am finding peace with my creativity and more use of my right brain…It will be nice to hang loose for a while…peace in all things…joy and happiness are good to be true…


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