I had a dream of two warriors returning home from a battle…the two warriors were separated in the dream…one warrior was being perused by a killer who was constantly shooting arrows at him…there were lots of thick walls and places to hide so he was safe…a sacrifice was put before him to appeal to his sense of compassion as a way of distracting him…but he was aware of this tactic and kept safe…later the warrior found himself safely outside and rejoined by his companion…his companion began walking down a dirt road toward his home…the other warrior took the opposite road..on either side of him were homes and people in varying degrees of animation…one man began goading the warrior and making gestures like shooting arrows at him and laughing…although this behavior was upsetting to him…the warrior continued on his path toward home.

Political corruption, wars, fears, murder, sacrifice, cowardice are the stuff of Power. Soldiers return home to a cowards welcome and suffer from PTSD and disenchantment. World Economy is imploding and crashing in on itself, while well turned out white collared six figured news givers tell white lies to encourage credibility. A failing middle class gorge on ambrosia at McD’s as the homeless order apps on I Phones while dining in soup kitchens. Hollywood sets standards for living by producing massive amounts of drivel to keep the blind blind and the seeing confused.

Critical mass is not just a ride thru the park.  Before the second world war German Jews were warned about Hitler but refused to see the signs…signs of impending destruction and POWER.

Power corrupts absolutely and absolute power is an oxymoron.

Be Powerful.


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