The wise one sees snow falling and the temperature dropping…his daily routine has been to feed the birds in the woods…he opens his doors and spreads seed on the floor…and warms himself by the fire….those who claim spiritual wisdom have and obligation to offer it without resiprosity…without charge…those who need it most may not be able to pay…and may well serve humanity better if it is freely available for growth…I have been to one church/ashram/temple after another where charity is offered at a price;the poor being left out in the cold while believers warm themselves inside. This is confusion…the poor may crowd the line create conflict and not even care about religion …but it is because charity is not being served…the saying…what would Jesus do must apply and may apply to all great teachers…and if the teaching is pure the result is the same…one cannot put a price on salvation…Liberation…”well what if the poor crash the gates, and demand everything” then you must give them everything until it is all gone…If a starving man return 100 times to feed his body then you must feed him until there is nothing left…then spiritual salvation for all may begin…if churches/ashrams/temples are the houses of god…then the doors must be open 24/7. This is the way…this is compassion…this is sacrifice…We live in a world of attachment…if we cannot give all then we will lose all….freedom is free…

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