A caterpillar has been commiserating with those who have known him as a caterpillar…he knows the day will come when he will enter a different state and emerge as a butterfly and join the company of other butterflies…Transformation can come as suddenly as the fragrance of warm muffins rising in a hot oven…change can be discomforting for those who have a cultured of idea of one…I remember the story I heard about gurumayi…how nearly over night she went from eating pizza with her friends to becoming guru of one of the largest ashrams in the world…her friends had to see her in a new light…and she them…I am experiencing transformation in my life… and accept its coming…I thought of myself as an artist (caterpillar) for most of my life..but my spiritual life has dominated my world for over 20yrs. it has been a very large cacoon…now I am changing into a butterfly…my tools are my need to write and to communicate my experiences…I felt I was abandoning a part of myself by accepting my destiny…but here there is bliss in acceptance…what kind of butterfly I am becoming I do not know…but I am accepting…peace joy love and compassion to all…


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