The Great Liberation…

Remember…you can have lofty insights and pure impulses…but then return to your old habits without even noticing…we have to work all the time to open our hearts and look for the truth…otherwise there is neither understanding nor a purpose for understanding…also its good as life goes by…to keep your sense of  humor…when we take on a new life…how much of our former life affects our new life…only that which we allow to affect us…basically with focus it can all be new…so coming to a new life sounds like it might not be that celebrated…just as death is not always something to be mourned…being re-born is not necessarily a joy in itself…then what is the meaning in our journey thru life and death…seeking the truth and practicing compassion that is the way life becomes meaningful…the beginning of a new life always holds that promise…when you are born YOU cry…but the whole world is overjoyed…when you die the world cries…but YOU may find the great liberation…


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