Taking nothing personally/Humility

The wise one sits comfortably beneath a large tree in meditation which is his labor..a very large bird perched high above him in the tree takes aim and soils the sages robes…which is his labor…the wise one thanks the large bird for choosing him and goes to the lake to wash his robe which was in need…this was his meditation…In my life it has been very difficult not to take things personally…unlike the sage I did not have  a master to teach me otherwise…I had to learn from the many bird dropping I have received…In the book the four agreements the first agreement is to take nothing personally…now I know why…taking things personally is taking on the world and can lead to anger…I’ve had an anger management problem for a while as well due to my lack of knowledge of this wisdom…yesterday I was behaving like a spoiled child for something I wanted…testing the divine…to see if in some way I was favored…first there was the desire…then taking things personally when I didn’t receive what I wanted when I wanted it..which was rapidly turning into anger…once I recognized the anger and let go…I received 3 times what I desired..plus the lesson…I am now in the practice of writing every single day…take nothing personally…our perception of the world changes radically when we are angered…just observe your perception the next time you are angered…nothing is clear…everything is distorted an life becomes abstract until you’ve gone thru the abyss.  Be thankful if you can for those situations which can cause distortion in your perception…with wisdom they are easily cleansed in the lake…and clarity is restored…

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