I sat staring at the wind…a large black bird came and rested on my right shoulder…it pecked at my ear and whispered softly…fly or die…I was daydreaming of traveling to other parts of the world…I watched as the ravens drifted on currents…willfully…    I think self discovery is a day by day occurrence…there are things I know about myself but in the hub of everyday life I get lost…since I started this leg of my journey…I have met people from Algeria, Nigeria, Japan, Mexico, Germany, and best but not least…Brazil…I sat for hours with my friend from artist and fellow human…and with an American guy…we talked and talked and talked…the next morning more talk…The homeless are also a source of interest and culture…I talked with a lady yesterday in her 50’s-60’s she is from Acoma pueblo in NM…I got her to reminisce about her childhood… she lit up like a candle…you could see it in her face…every worry just melted away…another guy…made the sound of an Indian flute with just his hands…and sang sarcastic songs in his native tongue and American English about the servility of Native people to the white man…I talked with a guy from Algeria this morning at a convenience store…he too lit up like a candle reminiscing  about his homeland…though he was a bit saddened because he misses his family…I love talking to people from other countries other worlds..I love to coax them into sharing their hopes and dreams…I love doing the same with my American family…I think it causes the world to shift a little…Now that I have a home base… I really need to travel  and meet people all over the world …to talk with them and to share their dreams…it causes me to light up like a candle…


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