Once on the freedom trail Dr. Martin Luther King had a very difficult decision to make regarding his survival and that of his family…because he was a religious man he prayed and asked god for help…he heard these words..”STAND UP FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS MARTIN LUTHER”  in my struggle I followed his example and heard the very same words…many people leave this planet because they have become disillusioned with life or they have nothing to believe in and nothing to stand for…I was getting to that point…I’m not sure that I shouldn’t sit down…owing to the fact that I’m not exactly sure what I stand for…but what rings true for me today is that I  heard loud and clear to stand up for righteousness…and felt inspired. So what ever it is I believe in…It is definitely time to stand up for it…If nothing more…I believe in my experience…and its something I have been sharing with people for a while now…and many have expressed thanks for how my story has affected their life in a positive way. That’s worth standing up for…


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