Illumination/Realization or what the heck was I thinking…

Illumination/Revelations: Sanctuary and solitude can bring out the best in ones search for self if you are of a mind…I am of a mind…I have spent only two days locked in a room with myself with the intention of knowing what it is I really enjoy doing…as an artist…I enjoy moving furniture and schtuff around…I enjoy making installations…I have had this calling since I was a teen…but it never occurred to me it might be just that…having talent and being able to apply it to a lot of venues can make it difficult to identify where ones heart really lies…now I know…I’ve been on a quest for self  a long time l…only recently (because I’m not getting any younger) that the quest has escalated…I sat in this room and went round and round and round with myself trying to figure out just what it is that I love to do. Now that I know, I have to find the right venue…I redecorated antique stores for years…but those jobs are few and far in between…it is never steady work.. set decoration …for film or theater but it really has to be with the right tribe…Woody Allen always worked with a company of players…and his work was exemplary…I’m looking for camaraderie… cooperation…no situation is perfect but it helps to know who you’re working with…so lets see what the day yields…they say knowing opens doors…so lets see if it’s the lord or the tiger…The Tibetan book of the living is shelved…Friends Romans Earth people. Lend me your ears…If anyone out there in theater/film land has advice for getting started…I am all ears…


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