Isn’t it easier to be a sage at the top of a mountain…you’re closer than you think…Not everyone is born to extroversion..I am perceived as an extrovert but I’m really a very shy person…I don’t particularly like being in the lime light…I am however learning to be the luminescence of my own mind …my lack of humility is really tied to my shyness…I have perceived humility as weakness…it is pounded into us in the west as a way of protection from bullies…bullies see humility as weakness but can find trouble when encountering one engaged in martial arts…there is power in simplicity…I am working on my own humility…walking in the bardo of light requires it..I believe vulnerability is fear of dying…perceived so it has become easier for people in the west to hide their humility behind  masks of courage or self confidence rather than opening up to acceptance of fear and dying…shyness should be honored as the sage who walks among thieves.


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