Catharsis; the great liberation is at hand

The storm has ended, the beach is cleared, the bag is full, the wise sage sees the rope ties the bag and sends it gently out to sea…now is the time of the great liberation…set your grasping mind free of illusion and fear…it is the year of the dragon…in my case a water dragon…the great liberation is the great tsunami of spiritual healing…I celebrated my own catharsis yesterday with a dear friend…we danced and cajoled and tied our bags and sent them out to sea…the time is now to identify your tribe…the elder walks through the woods his tribe greets him without saying a word…I had a difficult year last year for gaining wisdom…the great void opened up and took me in and celebrated its passing…I am renewed and resolved…intoxication in moderation is like childbirth and makes rings around the sun….I am looking forward to my first engagement of  THE TIBETAN BOOK OF THE LIVING ACCORDING TO BLUE…there is a lot of preparation…


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