The bardo of the mind lives in what it knows…or thinks it knows…every idea is based on projections drawn from past events.  I  have observed my minds attempts to predict the future and have stopped it cold  knowing  no good can come from it…projections have no basis in fact…they have a basis in lost   reality…a kind of ethereal history which cannot be repeated, regardless of the circumstance…I learned a martial art technique..whose meaning was completely foreign to me when I first heard it…which required me to EMPTY MY MIND..and focus…the more I learn about projections..the more I understand the concept of emptying the mind…an empty mind is a present mind..a present mind is malleable…Because I chose to think in positives and compassion…an empty mind filled thus has completely changed my chemistry and the outcome of my course…Empty the mind of projections…and experience the moment…


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