Attachment is an aggressive task master…it belongs to the relm of desire…desire being aluring and seductive…control of ones mind will tame this wild horse and return one to a state of weightlessness and peace…I have lived a life of attachment…I am a materialistic person…and have enjoyed things of beauty and collectibility…art and antiques…not on a grand scale…but on a level which kept me in a constant state of want…there are things I “need”  right now…cel phone, computer, not to mention a lovely little collections of 19th century cordial glasses (unbeliveably afordable) which I found myself wanting and my mind setting me up for fear and failure should I not comply with its wishes to attach myself to the idea of having them now…I knew where this road was leading knowing I do not have the resources for such things at the moment…so…up popped my little red flag…this is the mind attaching you to an unattainable IDEA…considering the circumstances…so I  took control of the situation and thanked the great mystery for the lesson…It is my work to control and dicipline my mind along the good red road…Attachement for me is a powerful force because I allowed my mind to control me in this way for most of my adult life…I now find peace in knowing that these things are only phantoms, illusions, and view them as possibilities not necessities…if its too hot to hold its too hot to drink…freedom is weightless..Set your mind free of attachment…

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