Walk in beauty…

Begin your day in peace, guide your mind to positive and compassionate thoughts, release yourself from the bardo of life, walk in beauty, experience living freedom…

Last night I had a dream of  raising the buffalo…I was pounding an object covered in fabric until the outline of the object emerged..it was a buffalo bone…as I was pounding I was surrounded by native people…there was a grandmother sobing next to me…her tears were sad and joyful…

I named my new ugly doll blue buffalo…he will travel with me everywhere…he is a blue person with a single eye, horns, and sharp teeth..I got him yesturday in my hunt for 10 cents…ah ho…

I slept like a baby because I not only walked in beauty yesturday, I slept in beauty…keeping your mind in positive right action…is a dicipline and a meditation…I can say with certainty..it changes everything around you…I am blessed to find this peace…it is eternal..

Find your peace and alter the world toward beauty!

Here he grieves, and he grieves hereafter; both here and there does the evil-doer grieve. He grieves and he suffers having seen the foulness of his deeds.

(the light)

Here he is happy, and he is happy hereafter; both here and there is the doer of pure deeds happy. He is happy and he is exceedingly happy having seen the purity of his deeds.

There is only this day…these moments…how will you fill them.


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