Bardo of negative thoughts and fear..

Two days ago I felt as though I was caught in a torent of uncertainty and confusion…I was lead by extreme events and an undercurrent of fear…fear is generally subconcious but has a powerful effect on the rational mind…I felt numb but followed the flow for a good part of the morning….because I had no idea where these events were leading or at least had an idea of how they might end…I sat …for a moment in mediation (prayer) and asked for guidance…what events occured after that moment were not necessarily any more clear than before but I was more willing to follow things instinctively…I had removed fear and control (mind control) from the equasion…the end of those events turned out better than the negative thoughts I had given them in the begining. Clarity in all things.
I have a very analytical mind…to a fault…when the dust settled…I wanted to find meaning in what had happend…I would go over the events in my mind…over and over agin…but could not find an explaination for what had occurred on a spiritual level..
What was the experience trying to teach me…there were very practical things like updating my personal identification, getting a cel phone for more direct communication with others, fixing my laptop…all practical applications…but why this series of events?
The Tibetan book of the dead talks very strongly about negative mind and how it can keep the dying from moving peacefully into the bright light of freedom…ending the cycle of death and rebirth…I belive that principal should be applied in life as well…the negative mind unchecked can lead us into confusion uncertaintly and fear(the bardo of wondering aimlessly) and ultimately into death if we do not control it and quide it to positive and compassionate thoughts…for ourselves and ultimately for others…
What I finally realized was how my mind had been controlling me in survial mode with negative and fearful thoughts…and how those simple words “please give me guidance”…removed me from negative to positive action…
The end result of that days events lead me to this conclusion…closer ties to my family and friends…and a better understanding of my mind and my purpose.
I offer to all positive and compassionate thoughts for the day…

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